Couple days ago I’ve needed to add MongoDB’s change stream support to one of my projects. I found almost no understandable recipes at the StackOverflow and GitHub of how to use it in golang. Take a look at the code I made by myself.

I’m (hope you too) using mgo driver by globalsign to work with MongoDB in Go.

func ChangeStreamWatcher(ctx context.Context) {
    //don't forget to copy *mgo.Session and then close it
    //driver will be able to correctly manage mongo connection sockets
	sess := mgoSession.Copy()
	defer sess.Close()

	//getting access to *mgo.Collection needed
	coll := sess.DB("exampledbname").C("examplecollectionname")

    //connecting to stream
    //Watch() func needed some slice as a first parameter,
    //you can just specify nil, it'll be replaced by []bson.M{} slice
	changeStream, err := coll.Watch(nil, mgo.ChangeStreamOptions{
        BatchSize: 10, 
        //data can come from the stream simultaneously
        //this parameter is like a buffer size
	defer changeStream.Close()
	if err != nil {
		log.WithError(err).Error("Failed to open change stream")
		return //exiting func
	//Handling change stream in a cycle
	for {
		select {
		case <-ctx.Done(): //if parent context was cancelled
			err := changeStream.Close() //we are closing the stream
			if err != nil {
				log.WithError(err).Error("Change stream closed")
			return //exiting from the func
			//making a struct for unmarshalling
			changeDoc := struct {
				FullDocument types.YourStruc `bson:"fullDocument"`

			//getting next item from the steam
			ok := changeStream.Next(&changeDoc)

			//if data from the stream wasn't unmarshaled, we get ok == false as a result
			//so we need to call Err() method to get info why
			//it'll be nil if we just have no data
			if !ok {
				err := changeStream.Err()
				if err != nil {
					//if err is not nil, it means something bad happened, let's finish our func

			//if item from the stream unmarshalled successfuly, do something with it
			if ok {
				elem := changeDoc.FullDocument



You can add some workarounds to restart ChangeStreamWatcher func and so on. Take a closer look to the globalsign’s godoc page.

Warning! You need a MongoDB replica set to work with change streams. A quick tip how to create mongo’s replica set at your PC is here